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Are you having an Anxiety Attack

Anxiety attack (also known as a panic attack) is an episode of serious mental and physical state. Intense feeling of fear and gloom which may cause an urgency to escape, run away. A person may lose control over his or her activities and emotions which result of irrational thoughts and bring psychological, physical and emotional change.

It’s similar to chest pain or heart attack. If not tackled properly, it can have long term consequences.

Symptoms and and Different Forms 

In order to Overcome Anxiety Attacks, it is useful to comprehend the side effects and what causes them. It is very similar to heart attack, it is sometimes mistaken to be heart assault.

Some of the anxiety attack symptoms are

  • Shivering
  • Keeping quite
  • Stammering while talking
  • Sitting rigid
  • Not responding properly
  • Get irritated quickly

So it is very important to understand your response to anxiety. It helps to shape the mind to Deal with Stress Effectively. Anxiety attack sometimes becomes very difficult to control in public.


Tension assaults might be activated by a sickness or an upsetting circumstance, or they may go ahead suddenly.

Unable to meet daily requirements, constant failure, unpleasant memory from the past can likewise bring about a Nervousness Assault.


With the apparently numerous ambushes on our emotional well-being it has turned out to be progressively more essential to figure out how to overcome uneasiness and fits of anxiety. The dread of losing your home, your employment, even your life investment funds has put everybody under a colossal measure of weight. Our control over these issues is to some degree constrained and this we should acknowledge. There are, however dynamic measures we can take for overseeing stretch which prompts the tension and fits of anxiety that debilitate both our physical and mental prosperity.

Focusing on breathing can be useful. Taking a few deep breathes in and out slowly, it will help you feel relaxed and calm.

1) Take a deep breadth

Hold the breath for sometime then exhale
Repeat the process
It changes the state of autonomic nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic state. Apply this method for crucial life events like board meeting, presentation, speech, exams etc.

2) Exercise

Exercise is always a good place to start; it releases natural endorphins and provides an outlet for worry and aggression.
Maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind is an important aspect of life.

Exercise not only means workout. Both Mental and Physical exercise can help be helpful in overcoming the stress situation. Where physical exercise means workout, mental exercise involves events that calms your mind. Music, art, guided imagery are some ways to promote refreshment in life.

If you find exercising difficult, early morning walk or jogging is a healthy habit. Any exercise that pumps blood and builds up heart rate is a healthy approach to decrease nervousness and the push that may bring about an uneasiness assault. It includes activities like jogging, swimming, biking, workout, etc. Try to develop a routine to work out. Research shows 30 minutes of exercise for five days a week has positive effect This will elevate your life and the chances of a panic attack will scale down significantly

3) Relaxation

Initially, relax your shoulders and get to be aware of load that you might be feeling in your muscles.

Then slowly and gradually unwind all the large muscle bunches. Tighten your left leg with a full breath in, for instance, hold it, then discharge the leg muscles and the breath. Proceed onward to the next leg. Climb the body, one muscle bunch at once.

Try to slow down your breathing. This will help you to calm down the body and further control the symptoms of panic attack. Just make sure that you are able to talk properly and breathe easily.

4) Yoga and Meditation

The best solution is to for yoga. Meditation and yoga can uplift the quality of life. It will bring the actual peace of mind.

Not only it diverts a person from the hustle and bustle of life, it brings the human close to nature and enjoy its serenity. This relaxes the mind and the brain is able to focus properly and tackle various issues of life.

4) Proper diet

Resorting to substance like drugs and alcohol can have lethal effects. It is very important to take care of your diet when you are undergoing a tough phase.

Diet may not solve your problem, but it will prepare your body to face it. Follow a proper diet plan. It’s a simple formula, reduce your weight, reduce your anxiety.

5) Deal with anxiety attack naturally

Usually people suffering from panic attack tend t to isolate themselves and keep a distance from others. If you are suffering from symptoms of anxiety attack, you need to seek help as soon as possible.

The best cures for tension are natural remedies and one on one guiding, or treatments. You have to figure out how to deal with your anxiety. Beating tension is conceivable, uneasiness is treatable, you should simply search out for expert help.

Anxiety attacks can change a person’s lifestyle. The brings behavioral and physical change in the body. This all happens due to irregularities and chemical imbalance, so the greater the imbalance the worse your anxiety attacks will become.

6) Avoid negative thought

Be positive, it is a mantra that can help you in the long run. Look at the brighter side of everything, this will bring a sense of positive esteem and you will start feeling better. It is one of the simplest ways to avoid anxiety attack and proven to be effective.

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