Instant Stress Buster’s


Mostly our life is jammed with stress, whether its linked to family, work or livelihood. Stress and Tension is mainly caused due to workload, annoyances from day to day life (traffic, noise, pollution), failure, challenges of raising your family. Sometimes, it becomes really difficult to cope up with the pace of life. Stress Buster’s can elevate standard of your living. It makes you healthy, strenuous and more formative. Here are some tips that can help you to unleash stress instantly and effectively.

Some of the instant stress buster’s are


1) Stay in and revive

When stressed out you might want to get away with all the assignments at once. That the most common mistakes people commit. You would like to complete all the task at same time, eventually resulting into negligence and failure. You lose focus on what you actually plan to do. Rather go for daily routine job or something you are good at . Study shows that doing daily routine tasks takes your mind off the current situation  and relieves the pressure significantly.

2) Take warm water bath

Warm water can do more apart from cleaning your body. Just fill in the tub and lie back. This will have a soothing effect on your mind Warm water helps muscles to relax and takes your mind in a state of peace. It is one of the easiest stress buster.

Hot water triggers responses in the body and replenish your mood. It actuates the same type of response in the body as triggered by stress relieving hormones. It has a massage like effect  and the body is relieved from tension. The body is held free from gravity and there is is sense of weightlessness. Thus, warm water both still and water in motion is effective for reducing stress.

3) Exercise


Stress can literally be a killer depending upon the level of stress and the very least of it, it makes us lazy. One most significant stress buster is exercise. Incorporate exercise in your daily schedule. It will strengthen your capability to tackle the strain and refresh your body. It will change the chemistry of the body in such a way that will help you in eliminating pressure and stress efficiently. You don’t have to inevitably hit the gym. You can start doing aerobic exercise at your home. It helps in maintaining sense of calmness and refreshment.

4) Meditation

Medication has an aroma of peace and calmness. The spiritual mantras used in yoga and meditation help focus the mind and serve as instant stress buster.

An amazing video that will bring some positivity and free your mind from stress and tension ( Better if you turn headphones on ). All you need is few minutes alone, away from your hectic schedule.


The study in University of Massachusetts concluded that people who perform simple Meditation exercise everyday were 33% more likely to state that they were in a better mood after 10 weeks. There were also 29% to state that they were less bothered by physical pain.

5) Laughter

When you are stress out too much, give some time to yourself. Go and hangout with your friends. Instead of email, whatsapp or texting your best friend, why don’t you guys meet up. This may transform your mood totally. Research show that hanging out with friends and engaging into laughter injects surge of hormones which creates feeling of happiness and ecstasy, which is why you cherish them so much. In short, laughter is the best stress buster exercise.


6) Vitamins Intake

It’s truly said “Health is Wealth”  and healthy food has positive effect on the body. Taking multi vitamins and herbal supplements can help controlling anxiety. Many nutritionist prescribe Vitamin C and Calcium supplements in addition to your daily Vitamins intake. It is the most natural form of stress buster. Eat fruits daily , generally before taking meal, it nourishes the body along with reducing anxiety.

7) Inhale through nose and Exhale through mouth

Getting enough oxygen is very important when you are stressed out. If you are feeling tensed or nervousness, concentrate on breathing deeply in from your nose and out from the mouth. Do these steps repeatedly. This helps in reducing the heart rate. As you exhale your muscles de-stress, shoulder go loose and the jaws relax.

8) Take time out for yourself

The most important aspect to de-stress yourself is to take time out for yourself. It is difficult to manage pressure when you are very busy, it is useful to take time out for yourself. Free your mind from the current situation and take a mental break. When your get back to work, you will find that you can work more efficiently and without stress.

Try to divert your attention from the current situation toward the beautiful world around. Go out for a walk, a long drive or take a leave from your work and spend some quality time with your family on a vacation.

9) Positive Mindset

Search for the encouraging points in life, and things for which you’re appreciative.Towards the end of the day remember the things which went well or for which you’re appreciative. That’s the best stress buster exercise. “Individuals don’t generally acknowledge the positivity and enthusiasm in them,” says Professor Cooper. “Attempt to be glass half full rather than glass half purge,” he says.

This requires a movement in context for the individuals who are all the more normally skeptical. According to him prepare yourself to be positive in life and spread happiness. Issues are frequently an issue of point of view. On the off chance that you change your viewpoint, you may see your circumstance from a more positive perspective.”

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