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Nervous Breakdown : Causes And Treatment

Have you ever encountered a situation where you feel confused and always occupied. There is no rest in life and you find it difficult to manage various events of life. In a nutshell, there is no peace in life.

This scenario is the beginning of what we will discover in this article, that is “Nervous Breakdown”.

The above mentioned are the situation that lead to chances of nervous breakdown. Whenever you face such situation, remember, their is no need to get tensed and put up unnecessary load on mind. All you need to do is Relax and take a break from hustle and bustle of life

Some of the common causes of mental meltdown are stress related to love life, finance or too much workload and deadlines. A person comes to realize about this situation when there is a feeling of exhausts, getting sweaty, shivering and unwillingness doing work.


Nervous breakdown occurs when the body not able to Respond to Stress. In short, excess of anxiety can lead to mental collapse. Thus the chances are directly proportional to level of stress.
Some of the anxiety disorder that can lead to nervous breakdown are

Some other causes

Nervous might likewise come about because of an assortment of different circumstances including:

  • Certain drugs
  • Medication or liquor misuse
  • Long haul stress
  • Reviving unpleasant memories
  • Unpleasant occasions

Risk Factors
Various elements build the danger of having a mental meltdown. Not all individuals with danger elements will have a mental meltdown. Hazard elements for mental meltdowns include:

  • Family or Relationship issues
  • Financial problem
  • Lacking of rest
  • Continuous stretch, for example, stress from work
  • Upsetting life occasion, for example, divorce or budgetary issues
  • Illness or injury
  • deficient backing and support from others
  • Improper medication
  • Unable to Cope up with Stress at Work

Tips to avoid Nervous Breakdown

Stay Focused

Be aware of all that you do. Carelessness at times can lead to trouble. This doesn’t imply that you get too much occupied with yourself. Simply pay consideration for every one of your arrangements and the things you hold since leaving something imperative or overlooking an arrangement could get all of you complained up.

Additionally, pay consideration on how you treat other individuals since you could get stuck in an unfortunate situation on the off chance that you don’t. Life flings a great deal of issues at all of us so don’t take it out on a companion, an associate, an outsider, or whoever. We are given the capacity to change the circumstances and spotlight on the brighter side regardless of how hard up we are.

Avoid minor frustrations

This generally occurs when a person has went through loss and depressed. Every little thing around seems to be be annoying. The person irritated quickly and frequently.

The reason being, unable to cope up with the pace of life. Expecting immediate result, trying to solve a problem quickly are some of the reasons.¬†Keep in mind, patience is always a virtue. It may sound unreal, but it’s true.

Don’t try to do too many things at the same time
The time comes when we have so many tasks to be accomplished under to-do list. No matter how hard you try you cannot finish all the task at once. There is always a right time for everything. Often trying to do so many things at same times lead to failure and nervous breakdown. The person lands up with nothing.
So, wait for the right time and situation. Create a proper schedule, divide your efforts and time accordingly. This will not only improve the efficiency but also the productivity of your work.

Take a break

Relaxation really helps. Meditation and yoga are some of the ways the body relaxes. It shows how amazing the life is. Attempt to search for approaches to unwind despite the fact that you are suffocating in an ocean of issues or obligations. Remember that all that you have to go ahead with life is in you. Take a breath and relax on yourself.
This way you will find an effective way to confront the situation and tackle it.


Don’t forget to laugh, it brings positivity in life. Surround yourself with people you admire. Life is easy when you have friends around. Couple as sessions of laughter and gossips and turn around the table. Laughter elevates your mental and passionate status, which would likewise prompt physical prosperity.

Entertain yourself with things that fulfill you persistently. Being constantly glad suggests that doing this wellspring of satisfaction does not have results.

Laughter boosts the metabolism and make you feel energized. What’s more, that you will be upbeat today as well as tomorrow.

Plan, Organize and Execute

Always work in a systematic order. The three simple rules for this is plan, organize and execute. Whenever you begin your task, whether its related to work or family, create a plan of how you would accomplish the goal, what are the resources required, how you will manage the tasks and what the pros and cons.

Organize the resources required for the task. For example, if you have to present yourself in a board meeting you need to arrange important company file required, the norms in the market, prepare a report.

Execution, the final step in to bring yourself in action. A good plan and proper management of resources means half the work done. Ultimately, you will find yourself in a good state of mind and perform better.


There are a few various types of treatment that a patient suffering from nervous breakdown can get .Medication is prescribed if someone is under serious mental disorder which includes anti depressants and anti-anxiety. The most widely recognized sort of treatment is counselling.

This is the situation where the patient can discuss whatever is at the forefront of their thoughts without agonizing over any judgments.
Counseling is done to bring lifestyle changes, eliminating substances like alcohol or drugs and formulating a proper schedule and diet.

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