Role of fitness in stress management

In day to day hectic life, everything is so competitive.There is immense load and stress. Fitness plays a vital role to overcome this problem. If you are healthy and fit you can easily cope up with stress.
Most people are losing their weight due to stress.So the prime concern should be your health . It is important for people to realize that being physically fit and being thin are not always comprehensive.

A person who is thin and not to regular exercise may seem fit and fine but that’s not the case. That person may have low energy, clogged arteries, and may find difficulty in concentrating at work. Contrary to this, an obese person can have a strong heart and excellent energy at job if that person follows health diet and do regular exercise. It is important to keep in the mind that a person, who is fat, regardless of his fitness level, is at risk for health issues. Maintaining fitness strengthen the body and enhance the ability to think. Some people may not believe, after they begin an exercise and they are sore, exhausted, and ready to quit. But once the people get into physically active lifestyle, they will gradually start to feel better, their bodies will get into proper shape and inclined to burn fat in a better way, and they will lose weight. In addition, this improved health, the energy is dissipated into being more creative and energetic. Some people may even feel a significant boost in their confidence.

A healthy and fit person is able to think well when under pressure or mounting stress. Use the following information to clarify this complex process. When we are under pressure , the heart beat increases, we may begin to sweat, and may find difficulty in breathing. If our bodies are not used to those changes (pressure or stress), it becomes difficult to handle the pressure and load.
When we are energetic, the same thing happens. If we are having enjoyment and thinking while we are active, then our bodies get practice for dealing with the increased heart beats, breathing etc.
Also, the more fit a person is, the more action is required to make these changes in the body. Therefore, when a person is under extreme pressure, a fit body may react totally in a different way when compare to unfit body. A fit body will definitely react in a positive way. The ability to deal with stress will get better work performance. Moreover, increasing fitness improves strength and bones. This benefit is understandable. For a person, who have jobs that require physical exertion, strong strength and muscles lead to better performance and a decrease chance for health issues.

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