how to manage stress

Stress Management

“Stress management refers to the techniques aimed at controlling and to cope up with a different levels of stress, generally for the purpose of improving everyday functioning of the body.”

Life is full of stress. Stress if not managed properly will go on constantly building and building. Today, people’s need have exceeded the requirement of basic needs like Food, Clothing and Shelter. Comforts and luxuries have now become a part of basic requirements.Basically our life is occupied with challenges, wheather its linked to family, work or livelihood. Stress or tension is mainly caused due to workload, annoyances from day to day life (traffic, noise, pollution), failure, challenges of overcoming basic necessity your family. This has become the scenario of the modern world

Stress, is a word that is very commonly used for all age groups. ‘No Pain, No Gain’ is the motto of today’s life. It is unrealistic to visualize a life today that can be lived without stress. If your approach of dealing with stress are not contributing to your better emotional and physical health, it’s high time to find alternate and heathier ones.

There are many healthy ways to manage and cope stress, some of them are addressed below.

Method #1 : Do not Over-Stress

Over stress occurs due to over-thinking. The simplest way to master stress this is diversion of mind. You can easily deviate your mind by switching towards games, watching television or hanging out with family or friends. Try to transform the ambience and avoid things that causes stress.

Method #2 : Change the situation

If you can’t avoid a stressful situation, try to change it. Discover what you can do to change things so the problem does not present itself in the future. Frequently, this includes revising the way you communicate and operate in your daily routine. There is a simple underlying, if you can not complete a task with Strategy A, go for Strategy B rather than getting strained out by constant failure of Strategy A.

Method #3 : Admit it

One of the most important aspect of Stress is that you except it. Admit that you are stressed. Everyone has uniquely individual stress signals — neck or shoulder pain, shoal respiration, stammering, teeth gritting, uneasiness, loss of temper. Try to discover yours, then say out loud, “I’m feeling stressed,” when they crop up, recommends Dr. Rosch. Identifying your personal stress signals helps slow the build up of negativity and anxiety.

Method #4 : Make time for enjoyment and recreation

Beyond a take-charge approach and a optimistic stance, you can conquer stress in your life by nurturing yourself

  • Listen to music
  • Get a massage
  • Watch a comedy
  • Take a long bath
  • Spend time with friends

Method #5 : Adopt healthy habbit’s

Healthy habits can actually transform your life. Developing these habits slowly over time will help you create a new lifestyle–in a relatively painless way–that you will be able to stick with.

So for now just adopt these healthy habits:

  • Drink a glass of water before every meal
  • Eat one really healthy meal
  • Use your lunch to be active
  • Eat one meal-replacement bar
  • Have fun completing a physical challenge

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